Spravato® and Panzyga® to require prior authorization starting July 12 for URMBT PPO non-Medicare members

We're expanding the prior authorization requirements for drugs covered under the medical benefit for UAW Retiree Medical Benefits Trust, or URMBT, PPO non-Medicare members.

For dates of service on or after July 12, 2021, the following drugs will require prior authorization:

How to submit authorization requests

Submit prior authorization requests through the NovoLogix® online tool. It offers real-time status checks and immediate approvals for certain medications.

To learn how to submit requests through NovoLogix visit the Blue Cross Medical Benefit Drugs page on this website. Scroll down to the Blue Cross' PPO (commercial) column and review the information in the "How to submit authorization requests electronically using NovoLogix" section.

More about the authorization requirements

Authorization isn't a guarantee of payment. Health care practitioners need to verify eligibility and benefits for members.

For additional information on requirements related to drugs covered under the medical benefit, refer to the document Medical Drug Management with Blue Cross for UAW Retiree Medical Benefit Trust PPO non-Medicare Members (PDF).

We’ll update this list with the new information about these drugs prior to the effective date.

Posted: April 2021
Line of business: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan