Starting Aug. 29, updated questionnaires to open in the e-referral system

On Aug. 29, 2021, we'll update the following questionnaires in the e-referral system:

We'll also update the corresponding preview questionnaires on this website.

As a reminder, we use our authorization criteria, our medical policies and your answers to the questionnaires in the e-referral system when making utilization management determinations on your authorization requests.

Preview questionnaires

You can access preview questionnaires on this website to see the questions youl'l need to answer in the e-referral system. This can help you prepare your answers ahead of time.

To find the preview questionnaires:

Authorization criteria and medical policies

The pertinent authorization criteria and medical policies are also available on the Authorization Requirements & Criteria page.

Posted: August 2021
Lines of business: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Blue Care Network