Behavioral health resources to discuss with patients

In the wake of the Oxford High School tragedy, and with the stresses of the holiday season, some of your patients may need to access behavioral health services.

We want to make sure you have information about resources that you can discuss with them.

Main numbers to call

To obtain assistance in finding a provider or to get a list of providers able to take patients with urgent needs, call:

Callers will be connected to someone who can schedule a visit.

Online therapy

Online therapy is available for most Blue Cross and BCN members through Blue Cross Online VisitsSM. Members should check their benefits by logging into their account and searching “online visits” in the What’s Covered tab. Members with coverage should include their Blue Cross or BCN enrollee ID when registering for Blue Cross Online Visits.

Other resources

For a handy printable document with the above phone numbers and additional resources, see the provider alert (PDF).

Encourage members to call

We understand that not everyone accesses behavioral health resources on a regular basis.

Your patients may not feel they need these resources, but it might be worthwhile to discuss this option, especially with those who may be affected by this tragedy.

We know prevention early on during crises like this can help patients see a path forward and provide hope that they and their loved ones will get through this.

Posted: December 2021
Lines of business: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Blue Care Network