Provider Manual Referral Information

Provider Manual Chapters

The Utilization Management chapter of the BCN Provider Manual serves as your comprehensive guide to referring members for specialty care. Additional referral information appears in the BCN Advantage and Behavioral Health chapters of the manual.

The BCN Provider Manual is updated regularly. Updates are designated within the chapters as "Blue Dot" changes. You can identify Blue Dot changes by a blue-dot icon accompanied by a brief explanation of the change in a bold blue text box.

The complete BCN Provider Manual and a separate listing of Blue Dot changes are available on our Provider Resources site. To access these documents:

  1. Log in to our provider portal (*).
  2. Click Payer Spaces on the menu bar and then click the BCBSM and BCN logo.
  3. Click the Resources tab.
  4. Click Secure Provider Resources (Blue Cross and BCN).
  5. Click the Publications menu and then click Manuals.
  6. Click the BCN commercial and BCN Advantage link.

To find the Blue Cross Complete Provider Manual, visit

Provider resource guide at a glance

The Provider resource guide at a glance (PDF) is a summary of key contact information. The at-a-glance summary helps providers keep phone and fax numbers at their fingertips and is updated as needed, so that the most current information is always available.

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