Pharmacy Benefit Drugs

Some drugs require prior authorization before they can be dispensed to a BCN commercial or BCN AdvantageSM member.

This page offers resources for providers requesting prior authorization or an exception from other utilization management requirements for drugs covered under the pharmacy benefit.

Did you know?

When you submit your pharmacy drug authorization requests electronically, there are many benefits compared to faxing your request:

  • Faster response times on your requests
  • Approvals within minutes (Some requests require more time.)
  • Reduced administrative time
  • Streamlined questions, asking only those needed for the authorization
  • The ability to attach documentation if required
  • Clinical criteria to guide you in submitting the proper information
  • Secure and efficient prior authorization administration all in one place
  • The capability of renewing existing authorizations up to 60 days before they expire

Below, you'll find information on how to submit a pharmacy drug prior authorization request electronically for BCN commercial and BCN Advantage members. You'll also find other helpful resources.

IMPORTANT! Always verify eligibility and benefits for each member at each visit.

BCN commercial

For BCN commercial members, select from below:

How to identify utilization management requirements for BCN commercial

Identify BCN commercial utilization management (step therapy or authorization) requirements by reviewing the following:


BCN Advantage

For BCN Advantage members, select from below:

How to identify utilization management requirements for BCN Advantage

Identify BCN Advantage utilization management (step therapy or authorization) requirements by reviewing the following:

How to submit an electronic prior authorization, or ePA, request

You can use CoverMyMeds® and other free ePA tools such as Surescripts®* and ExpressPAth®* to submit prior authorization requests for most pharmacy benefit drugs. In addition, an ePA tool can be integrated into your current electronic health record workflow. Check your vendor to see if you have software that accommodates an ePA tool.

To submit an ePA request using CoverMyMeds, follow these steps:

First, go to*. Create a free account online if you don't already have one.

To start the request:

  1. Click New Request.
  2. Select Michigan in the Patient Insurance State field.
  3. Enter 610014 as the RxBIN for BCN commercial or BCN Advantage.
  4. Find the RxGroup on the member’s ID card:
    • For BCN commercial, enter MiBCNRX.
    • For BCN Advantage, enter BCNRXPD.
  5. Enter the medication.
  6. Select the appropriate form.
  7. Click Start Request.

Next, complete the request:

  1. Complete all information fields marked Required.
  2. Click Send to Plan.
  3. Complete all patent-specific clinical questions displayed that are marked Required.

Finally, confirm that you've completed the request by clicking Send to Plan again.

After BCN has reviewed the request you submitted, the determination will appear in your CoverMyMeds account. CoverMyMeds often returns approval decisions within minutes of submission, depending on the complexity of the request or the need for additional review.

Training resources

To help you learn to use the CoverMyMeds web tool:

Other resources

Pharmacy services webpage

Nonformulary/Benefit Exception Request form (PDF)

Quality Limit Request form (PDF)

Drugs: For medication adherence, medical benefit drugs and pharmacy benefit drugs (PDF)

Need additional assistance?

Here's who you can call:

  • For questions about utilization management requirements, call the Blue Cross / BCN Pharmacy Clinical Help Desk at 1-800-437-3803.
  • For questions about the CoverMyMeds web tool, call the CoverMyMeds support center at 1-866-452-5017.

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